1. From a device anywhere.


No matter where you are, EZ Rider Demo can connect you to a participating partner dealer. Find the bike you want to buy...reserve it, and take it for a ride. With technology, and an automated key station, we make it EZ to ride before you buy.

2. At the dealer.


So you're shopping for a bike in person at the dealer.  Sounds like fun! Find a bike you like and you want to take for a test ride? Register on your phone, walk over to the EZ Rider Demo Key Station, get the key and go ride. It's that EZ. It's the smart way to buy a bike.

3. From dealer's web site.


Browsing for a bike online on a dealers web site is great! You've got a lot of nice bikes to choose from. Why not ride one? Just click the EZ Rider Demo button and reserve it, then ride it. It's smart and as EZ as a click. Ride before you buy.


You're in control.

  • Demo the bike you want to buy.
  • Reserve and pay for your demo insurance online. 
  • Schedule a 1 to 4 hour demo ride to make a better. educated buying decision. 
  • Manage your own demo to avoid the hassles at the dealership.




We know bikes and have a passion for riding. We also know how important it is to buy the right bike the first time and how important it is to own the best bike for who you are and how you ride.  So what better way to make a smart buying decision than to ride before you buy. EZ Rider Demo is making it possible through partnerships with participating dealers!  We call them partner dealers.



We own the patent to an innovative software/hardware platform(EZRiderTech.com) that makes it simple to get a key to a bike and go ride. It's that EZ!

Register and reserve a bike on your device or at the dealership, show up for your reservation and the bike is ready to go. Get your key and go ride!  No hassles, no salesmen...it's a great way to ride before buying.  Ride, explore, buy smart...it's EZ!