• Increase sales through more demos
  • Drive more floor traffic by advertising demo rides
  • Schedule and manage prepaid appointments for demos
  • Demos are prequalified, licensed, and fully insured potential buyers 
  • Provides accountable, historical record of key 'transfer of custody'


  • Demo the bike you want to buy
  • Schedule a 2 to 4 hour demo ride to make a better educated buying decision 
  • Prequalify and get fully insured for peace of mind  on your demo ride
  • Manage your demo and avoid the frustrations of  waiting around to be helped  


Founded  in 2007 to produce specialized bicycles, Rugged Cycles,  for industrial transportation, we transitioned to vehicle fleet management technology, Rugged SmartFleet, and ultimately received a patent for a rental system for motorcycles.


EZ Rider Demo leverages our mature technology of a fully vetted and proven software/hardware platform that provides a seamless customer demo experience.   Our turn key system  offers powersports dealers the ability to close more sales. With a team that has a passion for motorcycles, EZ Rider Demo gives the industry  a modern tool to grow more ridership.


Our mission is to  provide a user friendly solution that attracts new riders and helps experienced riders  buy smart so they can ride safely and enjoy many epic moments on the motorcycle of their dreams!

Get more info. Get more Riders!

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EZ RIDER DEMO. Ride. Explore. Buy Smart.

Ventura, California, United States